Project Uplift’s fitness competition was designed for all levels! We’ve partnered with OTAC Crossfit® and Cosner Financial to put on a fun day of fitness and competition in order to raise money for the foster kids and adoptive families in the area. If you are competing in this annual event, we can’t wait to see you!

Each athlete will receive a killer schwag bag, t-shirt, and vendor items. Each bag is valued at more than $100, meaning you are walking away with some awesome stuff. As the event approaches, we’ll give you more information about the workouts and expectations. However, no matter what, we require the following:

  • Sportsmanship — We do all that we do for the kids. Above winning and judging discrepancies, we expect all athletes to show our community what this sport is all about. You’ve already won by using your body in a healthy way to benefit others. Everyone wins!
    Respect — Everyone working at this event is a volunteer. Please treat everyone you meet with kindness.
  • Care — All the equipment belongs to athletes who graciously offer it to us for this event. Please do not drop empty barbells, throw down dumbbells, or treat any equipment poorly.
  • Understanding — Please take the time to review the workouts, videos, and rules so you know exactly what is going on before you arrive. This will make the mandatory athlete briefing go more smoothly and allow you more time to properly warm up.

Keep an eye out for further details as we get closer to the event! We thank you for spending your time and energy with our team in order to benefit the giving families in Larimer County. Get in touch with us today with any questions you may have.